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our solutions are designed to plug into any layer of the textile stack from fiber to finished goods.

Recycled Yarn
Patented low-impact, GRS certifed yarn blends incorporating recycled cotton and BIO-rPET
  • NE 6/1 - 30/1
  • Suitable for high speed knitting
  • Apparel and home textiles

Wholesale Apparel
The most environmentally responsible blank apparel, perfect for promotional and uniform use
  • T-shirts, hoodies, beanies and custom patterns
  • Demonstrates commitment to the environment
  • Aligned with employee and consumer concerns

Textile Recycling Program
Closed loop recycling programs make productive use of unwanted inventory and textile products
  • Clear warehouse space of deadstock inventory and misprints
  • Uniform recycling engages employees
  • Brand and IP protection through logo destruction

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