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The 100% Recycled Shirt Collection

100% recycled, spandex-free beanies

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Why Recycled?
  • Each shirt save 650 gallons of water
  • Keeps 1/2 LB of CO2 out of the atmosphere 

What are your shirts made out of?

  • 50% Recycled PET from Plastic Bottles, 50% Mechanically Recycled Cotton Cutting Waste
  • We offer our 100% Recycled Cotton products for custom Wholesale Orders

How do you make your shirts?

  • EVERYWHERE shirts are ethically knit, cut and sewn in the USA 
  • We use 100% recycled yarn from Spain and Mexico from globally recycled inputs
  • We are building a vertically integrated USA based recycling system around textile waste


everywhere recycled t-shirt packaging boxes