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The first climate positive skateboard company

EVERYWHERE Co-CEO Irys Kornbluth interviews PILLLAR founder Corey Bracken

Photos by Corey Bracken




Carbon neutrality is not a term usually thrown around at your neighborhood skatepark.  One skateboarder from Minneapolis has launched his own company to start this discussion within the skateboard community.  Corey Bracken founded PILLLAR Skateboards with the goal of becoming the world's first climate positive skateboard brand.




PILLLAR has a public carbon footprint page that calculates how they offset their carbon footprint emissions by 110%.  The numbers come from manufacturing skateboards, apparel, shipping (their packaging is 100% recycled and biodegradable), energy usage and travel.  They also have a partnership with the National Forest Foundation to plant one tree for every board sold on their website.

Our Co-CEO, Irys Kornbluth, got to spend some time with Bracken and learn more about PILLLAR's environmental values and how this company will inspire the new generation of skateboarders.





"With every purchase of a PILLLAR shirt, you're taking 8 plastic bottles out of the cycle of waste and back into use while saving over 650 gallons of water in production over traditional shirt manufacturing." - PILLLAR


IK: What inspired you to found PILLLAR?

CB: There's no one in the skateboard industry that's talking about climate change, waste and sustainability. I want to talk about as a company, how we as skateboarders can do things differently.

Skaters are more than a kickflip and a pair of baggy jeans.  




IK:. You've noticed how much waste the skateboarding industry produces from the products made.  From the t-shirts, and skate decks  am I getting this right?

CBYou are, you are. And it's not intentional.  I don't think anyone intentionally is trying to do damage [to the environment]. But we're trying to make it part of the conversation.  




[. . .cont] As PILLLAR begins to grow, we want to give people an avenue that's easy to do things with their old shoes, old wheels, and all the components that make up a skateboard and all the things we use as skaters to hopefully stop those things from going into landfills.  It's not going to happen overnight, but that will be our focus to get those things out of that cycle of waste.







IK: What is your vision for the community that you're building with PILLLAR?

CB: We all have the opportunity to be a pillar.  That's really where I came up with the name PILLLAR.  We all have the opportunity to pillar whether it be in our community, our city, or the skateboard industry.  We all as individuals can be the voice for change.




"We all as individuals can be the voice for change."

- Corey Bracken 

PILLLAR Skateboards - Official Website




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